In addition to conducting the origin and cause investigation, our investigators collect and maintain relevant artifacts.

Physical artifacts are routinely collected from fire and explosion scenes for a variety of reason. These reasons can include direct evidence as to the cause of the incident; items collected for electrical or mechanical evaluation; and debris collected for laboratory analysis.

We retain items collected as evidence until destruction authorization is received from the client. Evidence is stored in a secure, on-site facility monitored by an alarm system for both intrusion and fire. 

Additionally, Pyr-Tech maintains an on-site laboratory facility that allows for climate controlled examination and testing.

Need your evidence tested or an engineering examination conducted? 

We maintain a constant relationship with other experts such as engineers and forensic laboratories to evaluate evidence and circumstances surrounding fire losses. The samples can be shipped directly from our evidence storage facility to the appropriate laboratory.

We maintain an on-site, climate controlled laboratory that allows us to host evidence examinations, conduct testing, etc. at our main office facility in Collinsville, IL.